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Team Productivity

We worked with the General Manager and Divisional managers of an engineering firm in the mining sector ensuring the right people were in the right roles and assisting the wrong ones to exit; behavioural profiling new team members to help in aligning strengths and weaknesses to related positions; establishing performance measures with corresponding accountabilities…


Marketing Alignment

A coach and travel company needed to market the most profitable section of their business. This resulted in a 98% revenue increase over a period of 12 months…


Process Redesign

We were requested to assist an accounting firm launch off the plateau they found themselves on. After we redesigned processes, focused on highest profitability areas, establishing productivity benchmarks with related monitoring via a KPI matrix, the firm demonstrated a 238% nett profit increase at the end of the seven month consulting project….


Cashflow & Profitability

A surveying company requested us to work with them to manage the growth they were experiencing - a 400% turnover and 300% staffing increase within a 12 month period. In conjunction with their accountant, our primary work was assisting them to establish and manage a cashflow system to allow them to cope with the relentless demands of such rapid growth.



Establishing a sales recruitment process with relative targets, commission structures, breakeven points, scripts and materials, employment advertisements, profitability analysis etc was a project we were requested to complete with a security firm…



For the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet we facilitated a workshop that assisted the key staff and leaders understand their primary behavioural strengths and weaknesses and how this relates to their working with others, both in their immediate work environment and those they liaise with.


Business Consulting, Coaching & Speaking Engagements

Servicing Brisbane, Australia, New Zealand and Internationally.

Ignite Business Consulting works in partnership with companies who:
  • are experiencing rapid growth
  • are in chaos and need to regain business order and direction
  • have plateaued - requiring assistance to push through to the next level
  • have had a season of profitable growth - requiring the consolidation of past gains and to maximise their future potential.

Business Consultants with a 100% guarantee

We measure the results of our work against the current performance of the business, deliver project based consulting with anticipated time frames of completion. Our consulting work carries a 100% guarantee.
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